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Laurie Kaiser

Laurie Kaiser’s jewelry evokes the beauty of the natural world. Her first collection was inspired by a simple twisted vine she absent-mindedly wrapped around her finger. Laurie loved the way the vine took shape on her hand and wanted to turn it into something that would endure, so she recreated it in a ring of warm 18k yellow gold. “I decided to turn my love for Mother Nature into a career. The beauty of my gardens lives on forever.”

Laurie taps into the emotional and symbolic nature of jewelry. She believes jewelry should stir up feelings, reflect memories, and appeal to women on a personal level. Whether she is reimagining the shapes of delicate leaves and vines or the rustic textures of a stone garden path, designs convey a modern romanticism. “I’ve had a simple goal during my 15 years as a jewelry designer, and that is to create incredible things for incredible women.”

Laurie Kaiser jewelry is handcrafted by classically trained goldsmiths and is the embodiment of unique design and attention to detail. Laurie designs in the place that inspires her the most, her studio in the beautiful countryside of Tennessee. She says, “designing around nature means that you can never run out of ideas. They just keep cropping up.”