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Joie DiGiovanni

A Philadelphia native began creating her one-of-a-kind jewelry in 2012 while recovering from a life-changing car accident. During her healing process, she gained strength from the everlasting and changing beauty of nature that brought her happiness…colorful sunsets, ocean waves, falling leaves, and the natural wonder of stones. Inspired by the magical quality of the pearl and how each gemstone is miraculously produced from an irritant in a living oyster, Joie designed her collection to represent the beauty of embracing life experiences, creating art through each layer of our memories…emulating nature.

Each piece of art is hand-made by Joie who personally selects the materials for her collections. Freshwater, South Sea, and Tahitian pearls are combined with natural leather, semi-precious stones, and diamonds to create a balance between bold and delicate, yet sophisticated and fun. Joie’s timeless pieces are in style for every occasion and season at any age. Each gemstone necklace is strung on unbreakable wire giving the wearer endless possibilities to create their individual statement.

In 2015 Joie DiGiovanni Jewelry became a family company when she hired her younger sister, Dara, as her Production Assistant. Dara has become an expert at drilling holes in the delicate pearls preparing each for stringing and assisting in the quality control. As a young child, Dara was diagnosed with Asperger syndrome. Through programs that support children on the Autistic Spectrum, she has been able to receive a college degree and now plays an integral role in the success of her sister’s company. Joie and Dara give back to the autism community by supporting programs in Philadelphia and the Northeast Region that provide ongoing services to children affected by this disorder. Through their sisterly love, they hope to share their journey with others to see the beauty in each moment, each experience, each flaw. Life is a precious gem…an exquisite pearl.