Imperfect Grace is inspired by my European roots and love for modern style and design.  My childhood memories of growing up in Ukraine were not of fashion, but vividly remembering thick diamond cut rope and curb chains, rich gemstone palettes and pieces that were passed on from generation to generation. 

Heirloom jewelry plays a very important role in Ukrainian culture.  The foundation of the collection blends classic elements with feminine sophistication to be worn throughout a lifetime.  The opulent gold luster texture, meticulously applied by hand represents my long love affair with gold and ties to my heritage.  The vivid gemstones used throughout the collection are uniquely inspired by Vyshyvanka, traditional and bold patters of Ukrainian embroidery.  

My vision is to create jewelry for the modern-day woman-to wear everyday, to be able to mix and match looks, to pass down to her children and to simply embrace her inner strength and beauty.  

I will always remember the women in Paris who left an unforgettable impression on me.  I was inspired watching them carry themselves unapologetically with confidence, exactly as they were.  I wanted to find a way to evoke their effortlessness through the jewelry I design.

When I saw the words "imperfect" and "grace" together on the pages of my Vogue magazine, it was the exact juxtaposition that I wanted for a name of my brand.  

"To me, beauty is about confidence and feeling comfortable in your own skin"

Imperfect Grace is exactly what I want to call forth with my jewelry, because it's the beauty we all possess. Let's own it. 

 Imperfect Grace collection is available in-store only.