LERET LERET is a luxury label specialized in a single garment, the perfectly universal cashmere sweater.  Thoughtfully designed in New York and meticulously crafted in Mongolia, each piece comes to life as a fine cashmere treasure and a timeless wardrobe staple.  Siblings Andrea and Edouard Leret conceived the brand as a manifestation of their creative dialogue, two opposites weaving stories together through one piece of clothing by introducing limited-edition of the classic crew neck, updating the traditional silhouette with a relaxed fit, fluid cut and a seasonless layering potential.  Through a personal design lens the label seeks to explore narratives around the endurance of the modest garment, unaffected by the passage of time.  LERET LERET  sweaters are a gentle embrace:  made to be worn, treasured and passed down through generations.

Leret Leret collection is available in-store only.