Kika Alvarenga

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“I became a jeweler because each jewel is a small piece of eternity.” 

Kika Alvarenga’s jewelry begins in the body, the place where the soul finds expression.

As a stylist, Kika dove into the body, which is covered and discovered by the fluidity of movement. As a visual artist, she turned the body into a site of immersion. She made drawings, sculptures, and photographs; made herself permeable to proportions, textures, joints. Light and shadows. Depths.

Driven by this inspiration, the Central Saint Martins University of Arts of London graduate turned her gaze to stones. Silver. Gold. The creative force of her work lies in the intensity with which she honors nature and accesses its diversity. The essence of her design is to make shine what is precious in each thing/element/substance/object/piece.

Kika’s jewelry is made of poignant revelations. In the imperfection of stone pulses the beauty of its unique identity. Contrasts prolong the gaze. The rough contains the delicate. Gloss casts shimmer upon matte. Weight carries possibilities of lightness. The stone says where it wants to become a jewel, the cut listens, the metal receives.

Gold allows itself to become filament, relief and crevices, talons, and resting place where the stone can be suspended. And so Kika Alvarenga’s jewelry gives itself over to the body that will wear it, bringing with it a small piece of eternity.

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