Castaner travels through India and Bangladesh to discover the best quality jute.  The elaboration of 100% natural jute skins and their subsequent dyeing.  It is the beginning of the adventure, the basis for manufacturing the soles of all the models. 

Castaner's heritage, its legacy, always present, the jute braiding machines are the same ones that were invented in the Castaner Atelier almost a hundred years ago.  They are responsible for a unique, handcrafted braiding technique. 

There is only one machine in the world that sews jute braid like this, it was devised and created by Tomas Serra, mechanic and co-founder of the brand, today , it is still one of the great treasures of this atelier. Today, many of the models are still sewn by hand as they were 90 years ago.

Castaner collection is available in-store only.